The Lionesses Among Us…

“The Lioness is a fierce yet tender model for women. The Lioness rises from her slumber, a magnificent image of strength, passion and beauty. Her mere presence commands the landscape, protects her young, and empowers the lion.”

I’ve always liked the image of the female lion. They’re the protector of their cubs, yet fierce and graceful at the same time. As Mother’s Day approaches this upcoming weekend, this description seems so fitting. Many mothers are taking on extra duties during this difficult time, whether it is guiding their children through online studies, preparing more meals than they care to think about, or doubling their efforts to help maintain a healthy home environment. To celebrate the mothers in my life, these amazing traits immediately come to mind for each:

To Karyn:

An incredible mother to our son Ben, witnessing her everyday interactions with him confirms my belief that the internal fortitude of women is far greater than that of men. Working a full time job at a Children’s hospital, she not only is concerned about the health of kids during her “day job”, she then focuses her attention on Ben’s well-being for the duration of each evening.

Karyn and Ben, September 2018

To Pat:

You can ask anyone, and they’ll all tell you…she’s never met a stranger. Her constant smile will only secure your belief in the goodness of people, and how we can all obtain joy from serving other people.

Pat’s love for Ben brings tears to her eyes every time she has to leave him. Given that she lives out-of-town, utilizing FaceTime during this time has been a must-have technology tool!

Pat and Ben, Easter 2017

To Nancy: 

We are so fortunate to have my mother living two doors down from us. Her love for her family and friends is immense, and she always desires to help people in need. 

We’re able to easily walk down and wave to each other during this time, and share meals as soon as they are prepared. We are very blessed. None of these activities replace a kiss & a hug though, so we’re all looking forward to this being routine again.

Nancy and Ben, August 2019


Celebrating our mother’s this Sunday will be different for everyone this year. Video calls might replace in-person lunches, but we also know the connection to our mom’s will perhaps be stronger than what we typically recognize. Let’s be sure to deliver or drop off something special to all the mothers in our life this year.

Blessings of good health to you & your family. Thank you “Moms” for all you do and have done! - David Shaw

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