Guess What...You're a Hero

Good news…the year is halfway over.    We’ve fortunately been busy throughout the Summer creating new jewelry designs for you, and it’s been interesting to see the frequency of designing new pieces from older jewelry clients are no longer wearing.  Many of these new designs will be featured in the August Newsletter being emailed out later this week.

We’ve all definitely been on one heck of a ride so far.  And not necessarily the cool rollercoaster ride that leaves you tingling at the end.

I came across this meme the other day, and it gave me a chuckle (mostly because our son can be found in his Batman costume more often than regular clothes these days):

In an ever changing environment such as what we’ve faced this year, I think our first inclination is to focus on what we can control. It’s a natural reaction to “batten down the hatches”, so to speak.  This feeling can often be centered around “how is this current environment affecting me.”  A second path to consider is “how is this current environment affecting other people.” 

Perhaps without realizing it, each of us is a person of influence.  Even if your personality is not considered “outgoing”, you’d be surprised how your outward actions and words affect others.  Social Media can often times be your closest interactions with people.  I personally try to remember to communicate with others as if we were together in the same room.

Our “sphere of influence” consists of family, friends and neighbors around us.  Asking “what can I do” is a healthy response in times of uncertainty.  Serve others.  When everything turns upside down, we discover even the smallest assistance can spread…sometimes exponentially. 


(I’m Batman…no really, I am.)

Here’s to remembering that everybody matters, and realizing the fact that we’re capable of so much more than we realize.  Contribute…in whatever manner possible, even if it’s the smallest of gestures.  Be the hero within your sphere of influence!  Be Batman.

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”  
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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