Spring Cleaning: Creating New Treasures from Existing or Inherited Jewelry

One of my favorite tasks within the jewelry world is working with clients’ existing jewelry to create something new. Many of us have jewelry that has possibly been given to us during our teenage years, or inherited from cherished relatives who have passed on. And there is a good chance it’s just sitting in a drawer someplace, waiting to be either lost or forgotten.

These older jewelry designs (that are probably not a style you’d think to wear), can be re-created into something spectacular. We can sit down together and go over each design. I can measure out your diamonds & gemstones, and we can collaborate on the creation of new styles using your existing goods.

Often times your old jewelry was originally created using yellow gold. Excellent!! Not only is yellow gold BACK as it pertains to fashion designs (and even bridal!), but it’s the best metal to work with and reuse. It melts down cleaner than white gold, and doesn’t have as much of a porosity issue in comparison to its white gold counterpart.

So Spring has definitely sprung…and Summer is about to begin! When cleaning out your closets, don’t forget to look through your older jewelry which has more value than you realize.

You'll once again have the opportunity of wearing existing gemstones that are close to your heart, in more ways than one. Your Story. Set in Stone.

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