So Much To Give…

Happy New Year to all! Beginning a new year is always an exciting time, and one that seems to bring on optimism and desires for new growth (while hoping to lose some un-wanted “growth” from all the holiday snacks). It sure doesn’t seem like it’s been 20 years since we all turned the corner into this new millennium. Where were you Dec 31st, 1999? (I was in NYC!)

I’m personally excited to see what 2020 brings, not only with the constant “firsts” that our 4 year old son seems to experience every day, but also with the opportunities that both my personal & professional life will bring. I’m not real big on proclaiming New Year’s Resolutions, but I do feel a strong pull towards more Service this year. In one way or another, I think most of us are in some type of service-based occupation. Mine is definitely a heavy serviced-based enterprise, one that I cherish every day.

Over the past years, one of my favorite charities I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about is The Birthday Party Project. Their mission is to spread joy to children living in homeless and transitional living facilities. Without their service, these children would probably not be able to feel the amazing warmth & love that is experienced by having their very own birthday party. A day just for them…to celebrate their life.

If you ever wanted to receive a true gift, volunteer an afternoon with any Service project or organization that might interest you. You’ll be welcome with open arms, and trust me…your day will be better than you could’ve imagine. To begin 2020 in celebration of Service, I’m excited to once again be a sponsor for The Birthday Party Project’s 8th anniversary this Jan 25th at The Bomb Factory. Eight amazing years, with an “80’s” theme to boot! My favorite!! Now…I just need to find a costume.

With thanks, David

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