Ruby: The Source of Good Fortune?

Ruby…the birthstone for all who were lucky enough to be born in July. And coincidentally, Rubies were actually thought to bring good fortune, success and wisdom. Chinese noblemen adorned their armor with rubies because they believe the gem would grant protection. They also buried rubies beneath building foundations to secure good fortunes.


In Burma, a significant ruby source since at least 600 AD – warriors believed that rubies made them invincible. They even implanted rubies into their skin to grant protection in battle. Burmese rubies are still some of the most priced of all ruby gems.


Did you also know that rubies were long to be considered the perfect wedding gem? It’s mesmerizing hue inspires passion, love, courage and devotion. Of course diamonds are still the prominent gemstones used in engagement rings, but recently colored gems like rubies have increased in popularity. I recently set a 1.41 carat oval Burmese origin ruby in a solitaire setting for a client’s engagement ring. It turned out amazing!!

As with all gemstones, I love the history behind these natural earth-born creations. Ruby has one of the best stories, and is still considered the “king of precious stones”. Does it really bring good fortune? Or should it be a reminder that our destiny is determined by our decisions of life & love. I like to think a little of both!


Whether there is an answer to these questions or not, it’s a precious reminder of the connections we have to our past…and how we shouldn’t take things for granted when creating our future. Always remembering it’s Your story. Set in Stone.

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