Connection Points

A question I’m often asked by my clients is “David…so how did you end up in the Jewelry business??” It’s a fair question, in that the trade wasn’t passed down to me by my family. The quick answer is…it really did just “pull me in”, after attempts with other career paths (commercial insurance & technology, go figure.)

The long answer is of course, too long and semi-chaotic to summarize succinctly and be of interest. I’ve always loved learning about people, and I found that the jewelry world provides an amazing foray into people’s lives.

Often times my first introduction to new clients is through the purchase of an engagement ring. It’s an exciting time for my client, and providing them direction to all the options available is extremely fun and rewarding. More times than not, it’s a relationship that lasts for many, many years. I’m fortunate enough for the opportunity of hearing about my clients’ lives, and witnessing the paths those lives take. And even better…friendships can be developed.

After 15 years, I’ve come to realize jewelry is more than an eye catching trinket to be worn, or a ring symbolizing marriage. It’s a connection point…a connection to not only a person or event in the present, but also to that person’s past and future.

I find my favorite creations are the ones that involve re-setting a diamond, originally owned by the client’s mother (or grandmother). Even reusing the original gold or platinum metal that was used in the ring. There are also the heart-breaking occasions that affect me deeply to this day; such as the father diagnosed with a terminal disease, yet purchases a pair of diamond ear studs to surprise his daughter on her wedding day, an unknown date in the future.

These are the statements of jewelry that can be borderline spiritual. True connection points lasting generations, highlighting what I believe is Your Story, Set in Stone.

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