A True Heirloom Engagement Ring

I’ve mentioned in previous writings my favorite creations are those where we’re able to use the client’s existing jewelry. This amazing engagement ring for Chandler is a perfect example and one of my favorites.

Chandler gave boyfriend Travis her mother’s original ring, which had a beautiful 2 carat Round Brilliant diamond set in 18k yellow gold. The ring was an older style, having many straight and tapered baguettes incorporated into the design.

After removing and measuring out their baguettes, a couple of sketches were completed to give us direction of design preferences. This rough draft lead us to complete a computerized CAD rendering, which gave a sense of scale and an image of what the final ring would look like.

Now married, Chandler will continue to cherish this incredible ring Travis gave to her forever. The added connection the ring provides to her mother just adds so much more to its’ meaning. Once again true connection points lasting generations, highlighting what I believe is Your Story, Set in Stone.

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