Karats for Kids

Your purchase makes a difference.

This holiday season I've decided to partner with The Birthday Party Project to support their mission about bringing joy to homeless children through the magic of birthdays. 

While the in person birthday parties for the kids are currently on hold, The Birthday Party project has found a genius way to offer this important experience. They are mailing a box full of goodies to help the child ring in their special day.

Not only are the items below 50% until the end of the year, but we are offering the following incentives:

  • For any 50% off Gold purchase: a donation of $50 "Birthday in a bag" to The Birthday Party Project

  • For any 50% off Silver purchase: a donation of $30 "Gift to a child" to The Birthday Party Project

Please use code KIDS50 at checkout to enjoy this 50% off discount.

Thank you for joining me in this special mission. Wishing love to you and yours. 

- David Shaw